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LG Stylo 5 MicroUSB to USB Type-C Adapter White Pack Of 2

LG Stylo 5 MicroUSB to USB Type-C Adapter White Pack Of 2

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Adapter Type: Type-C to Micro-USB

Type-C to Micro-USB

USB 3.1 to Type-C

Pack Qty: Pack Of 2


  • Allows You To Use Chargers And Cables Made For Your Old Phone (Micro-USB) Into Your New LG Stylo 5 (USB Type-C). Your Previous Investment In Accessories Can Be Used Again.
  • Super Compact Portable Design Will Allow You To Keep The Adapter Plugged In Your Charger Cable All The Time.
  • The USB Type-C Connector Is Reversible, No More Guessing Or Looking For The Correct Side To Plug The Cable In Your LG Stylo 5.
  • Available In Two Different Colors To Differentiate The Adapters For Each Family Member And Suite Your Connection Needs.
  • This Adapter Is Compatible With: LG Stylo 5

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(For the MicroUSB to USB Type-C Adapter)

MicroUSB to USB Type-C Adapter Overview


The perfect accessory when you need to use chargers made for your previous phone models with a Micro-USB male connector.

Plug this adapter at the end of your Micro-USB cable and you will now be able to use the old charger it in your LG Stylo 5.


  • Color: White
  • Pack Qty: Pack Of 2
  • Input Type: Micro-USB Female
  • Main Output Type: USB Type-C Male
  • AMSize: Pack Of 2
  • AMColor: White
  • Adapter Type: Type-C to Micro-USB

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