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Audiovox CDM-8940 Wall Travel Charger Pin Connector
Audiovox CDM-8940 Wall Travel Charger Pin Connector

Audiovox CDM-8940 Wall Travel Charger Pin Connector

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  • Brand New IC Chip Controlled Home / Office / Travel Charger.
  • High Quality Non-OEM Charger, substitutes original equipment using the same built quality and materials at a more affordable price.
  • Built in IC Chip circuit to control the amount of power applied to the battery according to battery level and temperature.
  • State of the art Intelligent Chip circuit prevents overcharging and switch to stand by mode when the battery is fully charger.
  • Conveniently charge your Audiovox CDM-8940 battery using any standard wall outlet.
  • Non interrupted charging, even while the Audiovox CDM-8940 is in use.
  • Input voltage 110/220 with auto sensing. An adapter may be required to be used on 220v outlets.
  • Keep one in your office and another one in your briefcase, you will never be out of power.


  • Color: Black
  • Pack Qty: 1pc


How many times have you been suffering with only one small line of power left in your Audiovox CDM-8940? Well, Stop Now! with this charger you can charge your Audiovox CDM-8940 in any AC receptacle at a wonderful price. Have you ask at a cellular phone store for the price of a charger? Take a look, and I'm sure that you will be back here. This charger has the same features of your original charger, the only difference is the price. Why? Simple, instead of paying to the original phone manufacturer some money, you are keeping this savings for you and your family.